3 pack Feminine Pads - Small

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    Dahlia Cloth is our new line of feminine cloth pads for women of all ages. Made with quality fabrics so they are comfortable, chemical-free, easy-to-clean, stylish, and economical. Today's disposable pads and tampons are full of chemicals, and not at all comfortable. Whether you already love cloth pads or are still skeptical, give Dahlia cloth pads a try! We are confident you will LOVE them!  

     Our pads come in a pack of 3 of the same size, and are made with a layer of moisture-wicking, stain-resistant microfleece on top, and microfiber layers hidden inside for maximum absorbency. Laminated polyester (PUL) backing prevents leakage.

    To use Dahlia pads: snap them around your underwear with the tag side facing down. Change pad every 2-6 hours. Wash before first use. 

    Washing Dahlia pads: Rinse prior to washing in a sink or washer. Wash on warm, and machine dry low, or hang to dry. Tip: Use a small wet bag or a pail for storage of soiled pads. 


- SMALL 8.5" 

- MEDIUM 11" 

- LARGE 13.5"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Crystal , 06/28/2017

I purchased the small panty liners. I wish the shell was a different material. The pad moved around a lot resulting in uncomfortable pad wedgies and ruining a pair of my underwear.

Reviewed by Heather J, 09/02/2016

I received a three-pack of small Dahlia Cloth pads in Afternoon Tea in exchange for my honest opinion. I already own two wet bags from Buttons diapers in the same print, and I absolutely love the pink and green flowers on the light blue background. I chose the small size because I use a menstrual cup in addition to cloth pads. The small works well as a panty liner and as a backup for leaks when using a cup during my menstrual cycle. I also like the small size as panty liners for everyday use. I especially used cloth liners during my pregnancy to protect my clothes against embarrassing leaks of all sorts! The medium and large sizes would work well as stand-alone pads during my period.

Using my new Dahlia Cloth pads is incredibly easy. Simply place the open pad in your underwear with the printed PUL facing down and the moisture-wicking microfleece facing your body. Then snap the tabs around the crotch of your underwear. Depending on your body and flow, change the pad every two to six hours. I personally store my used pads in a wet bag in my bathroom between washes. I keep the clean pads in the cabinet over my toilet. If you are worried about stains, you can rinse the used pads with cool water immediately after use. I, however, am unconcerned about discoloration on the menstrual pads that only I see. Additionally, the top layer of microfleece is also stain-resistant, which makes keeping the pads looking newer for longer easier.

In terms of comfort, I am quite happy with my new Dahlia Cloth pads. The microfleece layer is soft but wicks moisture away from the skin. The fabric never rubs me uncomfortably. The hidden microfiber layers lock away moisture. On light days, I can use a single pad for quite a few hours before requiring a change. I love that the microfiber keeps me feeling dry. Finally, the waterproof PUL layer protects my clothing against leaks. Unlike with disposable pads, I have yet to have a problem with my cloth pads leaking through to my clothes. Overall I am extremely pleased with my new small Dahlia Cloth pads from Buttons Diapers!