About Us


The Buttons Family

Buttons cloth diapers were born at home. As a husband and wife team, we designed our diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone - the way it should be. We believe in keeping our lives simple, even when it comes to diapering. Our company began in Northwest Washington, but has moved to northern Idaho, where our family enjoys hiking, biking, and playing in the sunshine and snow! We run our business out of our barn that we renvoted into our offices - we call it the "Buttons Barn"! Our diapers are CPSIA certified, which means they are safe for your baby and good for the environment. Our products are responsibly made in China. When you purchase Buttons Diapers, you are supporting a family business. Please e-mail us at contact@buttonsdiapers.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns.   Thank you!  ~Scott & Amy


Meet the Team

      Amy   (Favorite Buttons print: Flourish) 

In chronological order, Buttons was my second "baby". We started designing and manufacturing "fluff" after our oldest turned a year old, in 2012. I love creating new products and planning all of the seasonal prints, but most of all I enjoy the blessing of the positive and supportive global Buttons community. As much as I love Buttons, my real passion is for my family: my amazing husband and 4 incredible kids. I have a BS in teaching and have discovered that I love home schooling my kids. Some things I enjoy with my family are board games, bike rides, hikes, and candle-light dinners at home. 

      Scott   (Favorite Buttons print: Adventure)

I like to tell people that I left my aerospace engineering career to be a diaper salesman. Either that, or I tell them that I work in a barn and talk with women about diapers all day. It's true and it makes people smile or laugh, which is something I love doing. I love my job. I get to make spreadsheets and keep track of data - basically I'm the numbers/manufacturing/inventory management guy. I love adventure, and my current favorite hobby is paramotoring. 

     Sabrina,  Social Media Manager  (Favorite Buttons print: Cosmos)

Its safe to say that cloth diapers and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the money I should be saving, but I just love buying more #BUYALLTHEDIAPERS. I am a mom of three who married her college crush and spends every Saturday talking about football. Most of my free time is spent educating families about breastfeeding and babywearing. But my absolutely favorite thing to do is bake with my kids. I just love watching them having new experiences. My favorite Buttons Diapers changes at every release, so as of right now I love Cosmos and Amethyst.

   Kaela, Social Media Manager (Favorite Buttons Print: Wildwood) 

I knew when I found out I was first pregnant that I wanted to cloth diaper. What I didn’t know then is just how passionate I’d become about them in a short 3 year time span. I married my husband after we fell in love over conversations of baseball and football and now have two children. In addition to my cloth diaper passion, I love photography, crafting and cooking, and just watching my family grow. I have a BS in business but a heart for teaching. Picking one favorite Buttons print is so hard but if I had to just choose one it’d be wildwood (but afternoon tea and maverick are close seconds!).

  Britney, Photographer (Favorite Buttons Print: Limon) 

I started cloth diapering when I knew I wanted to have a big family. I am married to my high school sweetheart and together we have 5 kids. I have been cloth diapering for 7 years now. I am very passionate about photography along with cloth diapers and love how well they go together. My favorite Buttons print is Limón with Tropic in close second. 

   Beck, Brand Rep Coordinator (Favorite Buttons Prints: Sherwood, Maverick, Swell) 

Cloth diapering has been an amazing journey that really added to our love for keeping our environment healthy.  Living on a farm with my husband and 4 children, being eco friendly is very important to us. Making small changes can really make large impacts.  I love to craft just about anything, enjoy photography, being outdoors and camping. I also have a cosmetology degree which comes in handy for my family but being mom is my number one job.