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Reviewed by Antoniosjq , 03/18/2024

Reviewed by Victormvx , 03/01/2024

Reviewed by Andreasrpw , 02/24/2024

Reviewed by Verenis S, 04/16/2021

Onesize Cover - I wish I would've found these covers sooner. They are such a great material so durable. They patterns are so nice. I love the way these cover fit my daughter the best. I'm so happy I found this brand.

Reviewed by Aja E, 08/19/2020

Onesize Cover - We used these covers with our first baby and loved them. I handed them down to my nephew when he was born and they are still holding up perfectly. We bought them again for our second and would recommend them to anyone considering cloth diapers.

Reviewed by Angel H, 04/30/2020

Onesize Cover - I love buttons diapers and recommend them whenever someone asks for recommendations on cloth. I love the double gussets! Buttons are high quality diapers at a reasonable price, plus they are super cute. I have used buttons since my daughter outgrew our newborn stash, and they still fit great at 9 months old. I also like that they come in three sizes. I also like their trainers/swim diapers. They are very trim and work well if you are doing EC also.

Reviewed by Ariana , 04/14/2020

Onesize Cover - I have the newborn size and absolutely love it! I bought this size 2 in a couple colors and I really wanted to love them. I love that they are super thick and hold up great overnight, except that the low rise style makes it hard to stuff them with enough inserts or prefolds to keep them dry. I wish they were bigger and the same style as the newborn covers. Please consider changing this style to match the nb ones!

Reviewed by Ariana , 04/14/2020

Newborn Cover - I can't say enough good things about these newborn diaper covers. My baby fit them at 5 lbs 9 oz on the smallest setting. They are twice as thick as all other covers I have seen, so they are super durable and waterproof. The snaps fit perfectly from birth to 12-15 lbs. Perfectly. I love these! I just wish the size 2 diapers had the same fit as these. I would buy them all!

Reviewed by Emily B, 09/23/2019

"Onesize Cover - Beyond my expectations! I have best bottom covers but order some of these because I prefer to prints and colours and I am in love! Love the double layered pul! Idk how but the fit just looks better then the best bottoms. Took 8 days for me to receive my order, I am located in Ontario Canada."

Reviewed by Kristen S, 08/29/2019

Newborn Cover - We've used Buttons Newborn covers on my 16-week old boy since he was 5 days old and we LOVE them! The double gussets, two-layers of PUL, high-quality fabric and versatile inserts are just the best. We've not had a single blowout and the adorable solids and prints actually make me love changing diapers. (Never thought I'd say that!) In regards to sizing, my boy was 8 lbs and birth and he's still wearing NB at 14 lbs on the second rise setting. We still have room to grow! I'm so impressed with these diapers and plan on using them for years to come.

Reviewed by Lauren , 07/24/2019

Onesize Cover - I so wish I'd had these in the beginning! Love the double gussets, double PUL, and petite fit! We had a rocky start to cloth diapering (leaks galore, delaminating PUL, etc.) and almost quit several times. It was pretty hard to find an affordable, high quality cover that would fit my daughter well. My baby is 4th percentile, long and skinny. Not very many diapers take petite babies into consideration. I finally purchased some buttons diaper covers and they fit my daughter beautifully with nice trim fit, and seem to be great quality! The only reason I give it 4 stars is because it took a little trial and error to figure out the right fit (hint: you have to pull down on the sides to line up the crease with where the rise snaps are), but once I did, I had no issues! These now make up the majority of my stash! So thankful to buttons for making high quality affordable products for families like mine!

Reviewed by Danyelle , 06/17/2019

Newborn Cover - The quality of these diaper covers is great especially compared to some of the other brands out there. They do not feel cheap. However for my 7.8 newborn these were too large during his first few weeks. And the buttons inserts did not work with these covers during cord time. They do work nicely with pre-folds. My biggest issue with buttons is they they advertise and promote covers that you cannot buy. The limited edition idea is nice but there seems like there should be a few designs there are always available.
As it seems like poor marketing and is very frustrating when trying to build a stash but you can't actually buy any covers. The designs also seem to cater towards girls. This has me looking at other brands to see if I can find something better."

Reviewed by Kylie , 04/09/2019

Onesize Cover - Ive tried many cloth diapers/covers and these are by far my favorite purchase ever! I will be buy more soon!!

Reviewed by Lydia , 03/31/2019

Onesize Cover - I exclusively use covers and oso cozy flats with snappis to cloth diaper my almost 2-year-old boy and 8 week old girl. (Love the airplane fold by the way. Try folding two flats together for toddler-level absorbency.) I have tried Thirsties, Nickis, Imagine, and Buttons covers. I am most impressed with the quality of Buttons covers. NONE of the other covers I have tried are a double layer of PUL, and Buttons covers are still competitively priced with the other PUL covers on the market. Not to mention, the prints are super cute! Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Yesenia , 12/13/2018

Onesize Cover - I absolutely love the newborn covers. They fit for a long time so they are worth it. I wish I could say the same about the onesize. I feel like they run small compared to most onesize diapers but they do have a trim fit. I wish the supers were more narrow in the crotch and had longer tabs so the can fit bigger babies. They don't really have extra room in the waist for big babies they are just roomier for extra inserts for night time. I love the newborn diapers i just wish the onesize and supers would fit better/longer. I also wish they were turned and topsticthed so they could be trimmer.

Reviewed by Kelsey , 12/01/2018

Onesize Cover - Overall, I love these covers. I love the quality, I love the selection of colors (I prefer solid colors to prints most of the time), shipping is quick and overall it's a great value. I've got several OS covers and I've loved using them, although currently I've had to pack them away due to some fit issues. My 5 month old is long and skinny and the rise just isn't working right now. If I've got the rise on the highest setting, the cover rides really low in the front and causes gaps/leaks out the top. If I let out all the rise snaps, it's droopy and the fit around the legs isn't great. I wish there was a third row of rise snaps! They fit perfectly up until now! I'll try them again in a month or two to see if they fit better. That being said, I really do love Buttons and will absolutely continue to purchase and use their covers!

Reviewed by sarah , 07/09/2018

super Cover - I absolutely love these! My daughter is tiny, 19lbs and 22 months old, but a heavy wetter! The double gussets along with the extra pul and elastics in the front and back help to keep her prefold and snap in charcoal bamboo insert in place so no more leaks! They are also large enough to fit over her fitted diapers at night and nap times/ long car trips. We also love buttons cloth wipes and will definitely be purchasing more!

Reviewed by Haley G, 07/06/2018

"Onesize Cover - Best covers out there. These are seriously my favorite covers. I am going through my stash and selling everything else off because I LOVE these. Great fit, our little one was 8lbs 3oz when she was born so these fit from day one (though the newborns fit better obviously). Anyways I love these and recommend them to everyone!"

Reviewed by Agnes , 05/17/2018

Onesize Cover - I love buttons, only wish I had discovered them before I made my stash with ALL alva baby, fortunately I was able to sell some to get 6 buttons covers, 15 inserts and a pack of cloth wipes. I love everything so far my favorite cover is cherry, it's adorable and simple.

Reviewed by samantha J, 05/15/2018

Onesize Cover - I ordered the one size cover in Critter. I absolutely love how soft the PUL is!! My only thing is that it seems to be a bit small on my guy. He just turned 8 months and is 21 lbs. We use prefolds and covers and I have to let the rise completely out and leave 4 waist buttons exposed to get a good fit. His Thirsties Duo size 2 are still on the smallest rise with only 1 waist button exposed. Other than size, I have had no problems with leaks or poosplosions. :)

Reviewed by tara , 04/18/2018

Newborn Cover - I LOVE the newborn Buttons covers! I wish I had bought up enough of these NB covers and the Buttons prefolds to do these exclusively at the beginning with baby. The fit has been wonderful from birth and now we've hit the 12lb mark and the fit is still good. Not one leak or blowout with this system! It's worth it to get this size for those beginning weeks.

Reviewed by sarah , 04/08/2018

super Cover - The super covers are perfect for my large chunky baby. Great fit and it has folds that keep inserts and prefolds in place. Easy wipe and dry cover.

Reviewed by Laura , 02/22/2018

Onesize Cover - New favourite covers! Use these and the hemp inserts and they work wonderfully for my heavy wetter. Fit my little boy perfectly. Never had a leak! Highly recommend them!

Reviewed by Anonymous, 02/14/2018

"Super Cover - I love these covers. Unlike the regular size covers, these have front and back flaps that keep in those explosive poops!
Coupled with the Hemp/Organic Cotton inserts, my baby stays dry and rash free!"

Reviewed by Bonita F, 02/02/2018

Onesize Cover - I'm in love with these diapers! They are brilliantly designed and well made, not to mention absolutely adorable. Thanks to the functional design the pad stays in place no matter how much my little one squirms. I get several wears out of the cover and I can wipe the inside clean if there's an explosive diaper. I purchased the deluxe package with microfiber inserts and it has equipped me with everything I need. I'm also saving hundreds of dollars using these instead of disposable, so worth the initial investment! ❤

Reviewed by Ashley , 12/11/2017

Onesize Cover - I love my buttons cover. It is supper trim and holds up for a really long time. I can use this cover at night with no worries! I have used brands such as blueberry, Rumparooz, Pooters, Kawaii, Best Bottoms, smart bottoms and a lot more and my buttons cover is my favorite!it is my favorite print pluss the pull is great. I haven't tried there inserts yet, but the SnuggyBaby inserts I have fit perfectly.

Reviewed by Kaitlin T, 11/21/2017

"Buttons OS covers are our absolute favorite. They are everything you could ever dream of in a diaper: trim, cute, comfortable, easy to use, and affordable.
I love the stretchiness of the diaper because it allows you to get a snug fit. I love that it sits low all around. I love how it holds an insert in place so well. The double gussets, the double PUL... Everything is perfect!"

Reviewed by Cynthia B, 09/05/2017

"Onesize Cover - These are the diapers you want!
I had originally purchased a different brand AI2, and they were awful. I have made Buttons diapers my entire stash.
Buttons diapers are so easy to use and easy to explain to other care givers. I underestimated how important it is to have diapers that are easy to explain. It is difficult to stick to using cloth when it is too hard for other people to use them. The laundry is also much easier with Buttons than other brands. There are no velcro tabs to contend with or stuffing pockets.
I had very few problems with leaks (no more than the disposables we used when we were traveling). FYI, almost every diaper will have leak problems at some point.
We will end up spending less than $400 on our entire stash, which is awesome.
Seriously. These are the cloth diapers you want."

Reviewed by Cynthia B, 09/05/2017

"Newborn Cover - I wish I had purchased these to begin with. They fit much better than I thought they would right off the bat. My son was 7.5 lbs when he was born and fit on the smallest settings.
I will be using Buttons diapers for all of our diapers with our second child.
Before I purchased them I was most concerned about them being too bulky. In reality, having something that fits and absorbs/contains the mess. They grow so fast too, that even if they are bulky the first few weeks, it will easily be the right size within a week or two."

Reviewed by morgan , 08/11/2017

super Cover - These are my absolute favorite brand of diapers! My dd has really chunky legs and a big bootie, so it it super hard to find diapers that fit! However, these are cute and fit great!

Reviewed by Alaina , 06/16/2017

Onesize Cover - We seriously love these diapers! They are an excellent AI2 system. They have never failed us! They are smaller than other brands and have a lower rise but my 24 lb one year old still has plenty of room to grow in the one size. I recommend them to everyone!

Reviewed by melanie L, 06/13/2017

Newborn Cover - Here's my review on button's newborn cloth diaper covers. I was given these diaper covers from the company for my honest review on them. In my opinion if you have a smaller newborn these newborn cloth diaper covers are something definitely consider using my daughters currently 6 pounds and 5 ounces. My baby is 3 weeks old today and we've had zero leaks with, this diaper cover as well. We love Buttons Newborn Diaper Covers and will be purchasing more of these soon!!

Reviewed by Jessica C, 05/01/2017

"Newborn Cover - Buttons Cloth Diapers sent me one of these Newborn Covers to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
I use this cover on my very tiny 13lb 6 month old baby girl. It fits her great and she even has room to grow! The newborn cover has 2 rows of hip/waist snaps (whereas the One Size Cover only has one row) which provides a really secure, snug fit. The cover is 2 layers of PUL which is surprisingly soft and pliable! There is a 2x3 rise snap system on the front. The size small Buttons inserts fit in the cover on the small, medium and large rise settings. However, for the tiniest babies on the small setting a newborn or preemie prefold trifolded in the cover may be a less bulky option.
I love the fit of this diaper and will definitely be buying more for our next little one! I definitely recommend this diaper as an affordable, adorable, quality cloth diapering solution!
The full review for this diaper can be found on YouTube under Jess Is Blessed and "Buttons New Newborn Diaper Cover""

Reviewed by Kayla , 03/03/2017

Onesize Cover - Loved these diapers, the affordability and all the adorable prints.... I didn't end up using the overnight inserts as u thought they added too much bulk but other than that they worked great for us.... Would definitely use again for another baby

Reviewed by Evelyn , 02/08/2017

Onesize Cover - You will not find a better diaper cover on the market. I have looked. These are such a good value.

Reviewed by Anonymous, 01/02/2017

Onesize Cover - This if one of my favorite covers. It is truly soft and durable. I love the double guezzets and the double layer of pul

Reviewed by Joanna R, 12/03/2016

Onesize Cover - I entered for a giveaway, but we're not sure where to start with the diapers? There are so many choices! Is there a good place to start to determine which one we will like?!

Reviewed by Leigh W, 12/01/2016

Onesize Cover - This is my favorite Buttons print. It's subtle yet beautiful and gender neutral, so it can be used for the next grandchild even if it's not a boy. This system is so well made, effective, & easy to use too!

Reviewed by Gina , 11/16/2016

Onesize Cover - I have this solid midnight color in my stash and I love how trim they are! Affordable price! Amazing PUL! I will definitetly be buying more soon.

Reviewed by Ashley , 10/11/2016

Onesize Cover - My toddler loves this diaper. We live on a farm and everything he loves is on this cover. I love how easy they are to use!

Reviewed by Ashley , 10/11/2016

Onesize Cover - I love buttons diapers. So easy to use. This print is so cute!

Reviewed by amanda l, 08/30/2016

Onesize Cover - Omg so adorable

Reviewed by angela , 08/25/2016

Onesize Cover - i have spent so much in diapersi would love try new diapers

Reviewed by Lyndsi B, 08/22/2016

Onesize Cover - Newborn Cover - This print is adorable! I love that it is gender neutral but also full of bright colors.

Reviewed by Emily G, 08/22/2016

Onesize Cover - I love buttons covers. Cute prints, great fit, nice stretch, clean well, no complaints!

Reviewed by Emily P, 08/22/2016

Onesize Cover - I love this print! My parents bought this diaper for my baby boy!

Reviewed by Amber , 08/22/2016

Onesize Cover - This print is so cute!! I have yet to try buttons but would love to!!

Reviewed by Rachel P, 08/19/2016

Onesize Cover - Newborn Cover - This is my favorite Buttons Diapers print!! So cute for our little Texas boy!

Reviewed by Ashley , 07/30/2016

Onesize Cover - I third what the other 2 said. So pretty in person! Super trim and works great for us with the snap in hemp inserts. I am also impressed with the quality as well as affordability.

Reviewed by Chelsey , 04/25/2016

Onesize Cover - This is the first buttons diaper that I have bought as such I don't know if this is a problem with all buttons diapers but for me, this is the only cloth diaper I have that leaks every single time. It doesn't matter how long my son is in it, it leaks into the front of his onesie every. single. time. It leaks worse than any other diaper I have ever tried or made. I've talked to people who swear by Buttons, bit they certainly don't work for us. However, they do seem well made, stitching is solid and even, and the diaper itself is adorable, I really really wish we could use it. So. I would still encourage people to give Buttons a try, they are certainly one of the more affordable covers on the market. But perhaps only buy one or two to start with to see if they work for you before making a large investment.

Reviewed by Jordyn , 04/06/2016

Onesize Cover - Bought this cover because of the print. I'm very impressed with how heavy duty this diaper is and also how affordable!!

Reviewed by Katie W, 03/27/2016

Onesize Cover - Love the cute details of this print! Buttons Diapers are awesome quality and super easy to use! I've been using them for 3 years.

Reviewed by Katie W, 03/27/2016

Onesize Cover - This is one of my favorite prints! Light pink, kittens, what's not to love? I love Buttons Diapers because of their high quality details and easy to use covers and inserts.

Reviewed by Katie W, 03/27/2016

Onesize Cover - I love the cute simplicity of this print. I've been using Buttons Diapers on my babies for 3 years and they are my favorite.

Reviewed by Ashley H, 11/26/2015

Onesize Cover - Absolutely Love all 6 of my buttons covers! They are so trim, soft, flexible and comfy for my petite 10 pound petite baby girl. I don't even need to purchase other brands to test, these were the best for us!

Reviewed by Jodi M, 11/12/2015

Onesize Cover - When I was building my stash for my newborn I purchased the big brand name diapers spending anywhere from $15-$30 a diaper. When he was born I was at my wits end with our pocket diapers. He is such a heavy wetter and the newborn inserts were so flimsy. I purchased a pack of these diapers and they are basically all I will use. I use them for both day and nighttime use without a single leak thus far. They fit my baby at 9 1/2 pounds without a problem. I just love these diapers and I can't recommend them enough. I regret wasting so much money on the fancy diapers when this budget friendly option was available.

Reviewed by Georgia , 10/28/2015

Onesize Cover - Love them got them for my little boy bought the pebble one as didnt find out if i was having a boy or girl so very unisex i found it a bit confusing at first to get the right size but soon learnt to find them really easy to travel with aswell so just perfect in my opinion love them so much that I actually got them shipped to uk through a website

Reviewed by Nichole R, 10/18/2015

Onesize Cover - I have spent so much money in diapers before finding this one. I absolutely love buttons diaper covers and inserts. They are amazing. I love how the inner gussets are perfectly up against my son's skins with no leaks and they are thin and comfortable for him.

Reviewed by shelley h, 10/16/2015

Onesize Cover - Newborn Cover - my favorite cover

Reviewed by Kayla P, 08/15/2015

Onesize Cover - We love our Buttons! Beautiful colors, complete protection, and so affordable. I was so scared to switch to cloth but Buttons Diapers are so easy to use, I know I'm never going back.

Reviewed by shannon M, 07/06/2015

Onesize Cover - We adore this cover, it's the one I grab for everyttime it's clean. It fits over our fitteds at night and is beyond easy to use with the snap in Button inserts. It's trimmer than others we have and leak proof too. I highly recommend this cover!

Reviewed by Douglas I, 06/01/2015

Onesize Cover - This outdoors looking pattern is great! Can't wait to try the diaper.

Reviewed by breanna s, 05/22/2015

Onesize Cover - i love the print absolutely cutest diaper ive ever seen

Reviewed by Bonnie , 05/18/2015

I've tried other cloth diapers and I have to say this is by far one of my favorites! I love that the diaper inserts are so soft. I also love that the diaper inserts snap in so that you can snap in a new one if it doesn't soak through. My son wore disposable diapers up until his umbilical cord came off and then I switched to cloth diapers. I swear using this diaper helped him sleep better, probably because he was more comfortable. This diaper is adjustable and will fit him now at 2 weeks (he's a healthy 9 pounds) up until he's done and out of diapers. Another thing I noticed when I switched from disposables to this cloth diaper is that we stopped having leaks. The diaper covers come in many colors and patterns and are extremely adorable. I highly recommend Buttons Cloth Diapers and am proud to support such a great company! Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers. http://livingafitandfulllife.blogspot.com/2015/05/buttons-cloth-diapers-review.html

Reviewed by Kelsey , 04/28/2015

Onesize Cover - I was new to cloth diapers when choosing to purchase from buttons. I love the ai2 system. Its much more economical to be able to change out an insert and reuse the cover. The buttons cover are my favorite! I ended up getting the cotton/hemp inserts because hemp is the most absorbent. What I didn't realize is that hemp absorbs slower so I have had some leaks due to that because my 17 month old son wets frequently. O noticed sometimes too that the inserts will bunch up around the front of him causing leaks out of the gusset which results in my not being able to reuse the cover at all, or for long. I am also wondering of it's maybe due to the insert shape, how they curve in a little bit at the middle. I haven't tried the microfiber inserts yet, so I'm not sure if it's just a problem with the hemp/cotton or not. I do not use the doublers at night because I feel that it's just too bulky, instead I use half of a flour sack towel under the insert which absorbs more and keeps the guessets dry. Over all I'm very happy with Buttons diapers and I think I may give the microfiber insert a try.

Reviewed by Dottie , 02/18/2015

Onesize Cover - I have many different Buttons covers and this is the only one that has somewhat discolored on the gusset leg area. Not terribly noticeable but discoloration none the less. LOVE these covers and diapers though. Great fit and awesome double gussets. Five stars for the overall brand, four for this color cover.

Reviewed by Liz , 01/13/2015

Onesize Cover - Received these the other day. This is the first time we've used cloth diapers and we wanted to try it out before investing in a bunch. We will be making the official switch-over! I love how soft the inserts are and the snaps were easy to work with

Reviewed by tori , 12/19/2014

Onesize Cover - Love, love, love this print! This was part our first Buttons diaper purchase and we couldn't be more pleased. The quality is outstanding. The cover has the tiniest touch of stretch that I love and it feels just a little silky. The snaps are strong but not too hard to undo, perfect balance! I will be recommending these to everyone! Great price, great value!

Reviewed by tori , 12/19/2014

Onesize Cover - Love, love, love this print!, I agree with the previous reviewer, it is even prettier in person! This was part of our first Buttons diaper purchase and we couldn't be more pleased. The quality is outstanding. The cover has the tiniest touch of stretch that I love and it feels just a little silky. The snaps are strong but not too hard to undo, perfect balance! I will be recommending these to everyone! Great price, great value!

Reviewed by Laura , 12/08/2014

Onesize Cover - Lovely color and very happy that this system actually works with my small new born 6lb 12 oz. also love the fact that this will grow with her.

Reviewed by Priscilla B, 10/27/2014

Onesize Cover - I did not think I would have any interest in reusable diapers but after seeing these kits I think it may be a good alternative! Thanks

Reviewed by srw , 10/26/2014

Onesize Cover - These were awesome!

Reviewed by Kimmi , 10/20/2014

Onesize Cover - Love this diaper cover (and all the rest for that matter)! This is the only patterned cover we bought and it's super cute! Wish we could have alllll of them =) they wash so nicely and ensure that our son can't remove his diaper.

Reviewed by megan h, 09/20/2014

Onesize Cover - Oh how i love this diaper. The pul is so strong and comfy, the inserts are absorbent, there are snaps to keep the insert in place, and cute colors. I have a wiggly baby so the snaps were amazing for us

Reviewed by tiffanySwartout , 09/10/2014

Onesize Cover - I love the fire truck print!

Reviewed by Laura , 09/10/2014

Onesize Cover - Love love the print on this one!! It looks so much cuter in person!!

Reviewed by Rebecca J, 09/06/2014

Onesize Cover - These diapers are amazing! Not only are they cute and affordable, but they hold everything in place so well. Thanks to the double leg gussets it held everything well inside! No mess at all (which there would of been a huge blow out if my son were to be in disposable diapers). All in all these diapers are amazing and I'll keep on purchasing more, and recommending them to all who cloth diaper (and those who don't (; ). If I could I would give these diapers more than 5 stars!

Reviewed by Amber C, 08/20/2014

Onesize Cover - I just received my package yesterday and after prepping these immediately started using. Not only did I love the slim fit and high quality but my LO loved it. To see her laugh and grab her diaper was rewarding! She's petite with little thighs and fits her wonderful with no red marks like her other diapers do. Will definitely be buying more!

Reviewed by Kendra , 08/19/2014

Onesize Cover - Absolutely delightful colors! I love putting this diaper on my little man. The riser snaps down nicely and fits him great. He is currently about 14 pounds.

Reviewed by jCrystal B, 07/15/2014

Onesize Cover - My favorite cover

Reviewed by Crystal B, 07/15/2014

Onesize Cover - LOVE THIS!

Reviewed by Nana , 03/16/2014

Onesize Cover - Love how soft this is and the great quality of it. Great Products and loved the liners as well. http://nanasdeals.blogspot.com/2014/03/buttons-cloth-diapers-review-giveaway.html

Reviewed by Kelly , 02/13/2014

Onesize Cover - I love my Tangerine Buttons Diaper cover! Excellent quality at a price that many can afford, especially if you are new to cloth diapers. There hasn't been any issues at all with the cover - it's perfect for both daytime and nighttime.

Reviewed by KC , 01/30/2014

Onesize Cover - LOVE my Buttons Covers & inserts!! I started out with Best Bottoms, but really prefer the Buttons ones better. Super leakproof, soft and stretchy! Love the colors too. Hopefully patterns in the future too?!

Reviewed by Katie , 01/22/2014

Onesize Cover - I'm a big fan of AI2 systems and Buttons have a wonderful one. The PUL is soft and has a generous stretch (great for chunky babies!), the cover is large enough to accommodate the snap-able pads that you can buy with them or prefolds. And of course, the double gusset is a must have for holding in poopy mess! I'm a fan. I'll be picking up more of these diaper covers in the future.

Reviewed by Anonymous , 01/20/2014

Onesize Cover - I LOVE our buttons covers, I recommend them to Everyone. We have 12 of them! Been using them on my son since he was a month old and now he's almost 8 months :]

Reviewed by Andrea D, 01/19/2014

Onesize Cover - I absolutely love my Buttons diaper covers! I have a few different brands and these work the best by far. No leaks, adjust easily, and the variety of colors is great!

Reviewed by Rachel f, 01/18/2014

Onesize Cover - I bought 12 of these covers! I am in love!! The double gussets have been awesome for my newborn!! These are the only diaper's that fit him at 7lbs. He is a skinny boy. NEVER had a leak or any problems. I

Reviewed by Ariel W, 01/09/2014

Onesize Cover - Apple is my fav color of the bunch. I would love to see this diaper in a red apple color. It would be my husband's favorite cover to use on our future baby boy. I love the design of this diaper.

Reviewed by Ladisplash , 01/04/2014

Onesize Cover - Love the color! Can't wait to try one of these on my son!

Reviewed by Becky , 01/01/2014

Onesize Cover - This cover is even more beautiful in person! I love the high quality, the elastic is strong, but gentle on legs and waist, and especially the price. This diaper cover has the best features of many other popular cloth diapers combined into one!

Reviewed by Becky , 01/01/2014

Onesize Cover - This cover is even more beautiful in person! I love the high quality, the elastic is strong, but gentle on legs and waist, and especially the price. This diaper cover has the best features of many other popular cloth diapers combined into one!

Reviewed by Miranda L, 12/02/2013

Onesize Cover - Heavy duty double PUL shell. The leg gussets are great even for tiny babies. Very adjustable for most sizes of babies. http://lemasteringmotherhood.blogspot.com/2013/12/buttons-brand-cloth-diaper-review.html

Reviewed by Amber B, 11/14/2013

Onesize Cover - These are great cloth diapers! I haven't had any issues with leaking. The colors are adorable and the material is soft. LOVE LOVE LOVE Buttons Diapers and I've recommended them to several friends!! Keep up the great quality work!!

Reviewed by G. P, 08/25/2013

Onesize Cover - Awesome cloth diapers! These are the best cloth diapers I've used so far on my 6-week old. I used them with classic 3-folds as the liners or custom ones that gramma sewed. They are really adjustable and fit my son well so far as he grows. Best part about these diapers is that they don't leak! The double gusset on the leg and the soft exterior are great! Buttons really knows what they're doing. I highly recommend these diapers.

Reviewed by Caitlin , 07/21/2013

Onesize Cover - I love the Buttons reusable cloth diapers. The double gussets around the legs are excellent at preventing leaks. I wish I had found these earlier because they are smaller than typical cloth diapers on the smallest setting. I couldn't use the pocket diapers I had with DD until 4 mo bc they were too big, but I think I could have used these much earlier. Great nighttime diaper. Very cute and trim under clothing. Also, they are cost effective because you do not need a new cover for every diaper change. Love love love!

Reviewed by Elizabeth , 07/21/2013

Onesize Cover - We absolutely love our buttons diapers! I love the one size fits all- that way I can use the same diapers NB- being potty trained- and that saves $$!! We love the inserts- super soft and absorbent - and the double gusset really prevents leaks. The colors are super cute as well. I have tried a lot of CD, and have had a lot of issues with different brands, but nothing with Buttons- they are definitely one of my favorites:-) I highly recommend them.

Reviewed by Amy P, 07/19/2013

Onesize Cover - Great for overnight! I use these for our overnight diaper. They work awesome. However, they run a little on the small side. DD is only 7 months old and already I have to have the rise on the largest size. And she is by no means an abnormally large child for 7 months.

Reviewed by Paige (, 07/19/2013

Onesize Cover - Great on our newborn. This is one of the first one size covers fitting our newborn (about 8lbs). The elastic at the front and back of waist kept everything in and allowed us to dip the front below baby's umbilical cord stump. The double gussets in the legs are wonderful at keeping messes contained. We have used the diaper with the daytime inserts and over prefolds and fitteds with zero leaks. Loving the cover and the price and will certainly be back for more.

Soft, leak-proof, and durable diaper covers. The double-gussets around the legs keeps the mess in, so your little one can run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease. Elastic at the back and tummy makes a custom fit. The durable snaps allow the covers to adjust to fit babies from birth to potty training.

All three sizes of our covers feature:

  • Two layers of PUL throughout (wipe-able interior)
  • Double leg gussets
  • Waist elastic at back and tummy
  • Insert snaps to snap Buttons inserts in place


One Size Covers (9-35 lbs.)

  • Designed to last from birth to potty training
  • Adjust to fit babies from 9-35 lbs.
  • One row of waist snaps
  • Compatible with all Buttons snap-in diaper inserts, prefolds & flats


Newborn Covers (7-15 lbs.)

  • Perfect for securing a good fit during the newborn stage and beyond
  • Adjust to fit babies 7-15 lbs.
  • Two rows of waist snaps
  • Compatible with Buttons size small or large snap-in diaper inserts, size 1 prefolds and flats.


Super Covers (12-40 lbs.)

  • A roomier version of our one-size diaper covers
  • Adjust to fit babies from 12-40 lbs.
  • PUL tabs inside at the front and back to keep the insert tucked in
  • Two rows of waist snaps
  • Compatible with all Buttons diaper inserts, but are best suited with Large and XL Buttons snap-in inserts, size 2 & 3 prefolds and flats