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The mega-pod: A convenient laminated canvas bag to hold all the things! Keep your diapers organized in your diaper bag, or store your baby carrier, baby blankets, or toys in it. Size: 12" x 7" x 6" (Holds 7 One Size Diaper Covers)

The mini-pod: A smaller version of the mega-pod. This bag is ideal for storing smaller items like cloth wipes, or baby essentials. Size: 7" x 5" x 4"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kate , 12/31/2020

I love my mega-pod. It perfectly fits 7 covers with inserts in and I could probably fit 1 or 2 more if I wanted to. Now I won’t have a mess of covers and inserts at the bottom of my diaper bag. I want to buy every pattern now and put all my buttons diapers in them. A fantastic product that I should have bought sooner.

Reviewed by Marissa , 01/19/2020

I love these! I have been wanting to get a matching set for our little boy whose due in March but it Is almost impossible to find them. They are always out of stock. I will be patiently waiting until I can get the dinosaurs print!

Reviewed by Larissa , 09/19/2019

We are getting ready to have our second child. I bought the mini pod to use to keep extra clothes for my older daughter in our diaper bag without getting all jumbled up. It's the perfect size for an extra outfit or two. I only wish more patterns would stock so I can get another one to keep the baby's clothes in.

Reviewed by Kristen S, 08/29/2019

You simply cannot go wrong with these pods! We love using the mega-pod to hold covers & inserts for trips or day-long outings. The handle is great and makes carrying super convenient.

We use the mini-pod to hold everything needed for an emergency change (clothes with a clean diaper, extra bibs, paci, etc.) for baby boy. We also got a mini-pod just for my momma essentials (face creams, chapstick, nursing pads, nip butter, etc) and it's been the best! My favorite part about the pods, other than their helpfulness, is that they match the prints I love so much!! Good work, Buttons. :)