Diaper Pail Liner

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Our diaper pail liner is made of the same soft, durable, waterproof PUL as our diaper covers.  It has a draw-string closure, has a 3D shape to fit more diapers, and will fit inside just about any diaper pail. To use: place liner inside your pail and cinch the elastic drawstring with the toggle snugly to fit around the rim of your pail. Size: 26" tall, 16" diameter


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa , 08/18/2019

I have been using these pail liners for 2 years now. I have tossed them in the wash (pre and main) for once to twice a week and they have held up very well. They are my favorite because they are larger than other brands and it fits our tall laundry hamper perfectly.

Reviewed by Jessica , 06/15/2018

I ordered several wet bags and this pail liner from buttons diapers. I was sadly very disappointed with the cheap feeling quality of the drawstrings. I’ve had to restring the clamps several times, and they just seem like they will not hold up for a long period of time. The drawstrings seem like low quality material as well. The PUL does seem durable, if they improved the drawstring, it would be a much higher quality pail liner.

Reviewed by Robin , 12/23/2017

I originally bought this liner to use in the diaper pail I had before I started cloth diapering (think Diaper Genie size)it worked okay but it was way to big for that size of pail. I ended up needing a bigger pail for cloth diapers so I switched to a standard size kitchen trash can with a swinging lid. The diaper pail liner works perfect with the trash can and holds 4 days worth of diapers easily. I'm sure it could hold a weeks worth but I have to wash more often than that. I also really appreciate the drawstring feature because it traps the diaper smell when I go from pail to washer. I will certainly be getting a second liner in the near future so I have another one to swap out with on wash day!