Flushable Bamboo Liners 200 count



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Two rolls included. 100 Count per roll of perforated flush-able diaper liners made of bamboo. Protects diaper inserts from build-up from diaper creams and makes clean up of messy diapers easier!  Unscented. Biodegradable. Flushable. Natural. 

Size 15” X 7”



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Chaya M, 01/02/2015

I switched to Buttons brand from Bummis flushable liners because I like the environmental friendliness of bamboo.
These work just as well as Bummis. I love them and don't mind spending the extra dollar.

Reviewed by Anne S, 04/16/2014

I've tried several brands of flushable diaper liners and these are my favorites. The fabric is not scratchy or stiff at all, yet it's sturdy enough to not bunch or shift too much in the diaper. The Buttons liners also work well with all the different types of diapers in my stash - prefolds, flats, pockets and fitteds. And the price is excellent compared to other bamboo liners on the market!

Reviewed by Heather J, 04/03/2014

I am extremely happy with the Flushable Bamboo Liners from Buttons Diapers. Compared to similar flushable liners, the liners from Buttons Diapers at $7 for 100 are priced on the lower end, providing an economical choice for parents. The bamboo fiber is super soft against delicate skin and helps protect diapers from sticky rash creams and solid messes. If you are in the market for flushable diaper liners, I highly recommend the Buttons Diapers Flushable Bamboo Liners.