Wet Bags

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-Made of Stain and Water resistant PUL
-Anti-microbial and Lead Free
-Interior rolled seams to prevent leaks
-Sturdy straps for hanging on strollers, doorknobs or hooks
-Machine washable, Line dry or Machine dry low

- Large wet bags fit 9 Buttons diapers (cover + daytime insert)

Our wet bags are made from our signature soft silky PUL. The interior of the bag is sewn with rolled seams to prevent leaks and keep odors in. Our wetbags work well for clean or dirty cloth diapers in addition to kids swimsuits or general diaper bag organization. Each bag has a handy sturdy strap for hanging from your stroller, door knob or hook. Available in three sizes: Small-10"x 10", Medium-13.5"x 14.5" and Large-13.5" x 24"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Alaina , 06/16/2017

Overall a great staple wet bag for an affordable price. This is perfect to hang from the changing table and it easily fits two days worth of diapers for us.

Reviewed by Heather J, 07/05/2016

The new wet bag designs from Buttons Diapers consist of a signature soft silky PUL. The interior of both the large and the medium bags are sewn with rolled seams to prevent leaks and keep odors in. The large measures 13.5 inches by 24 inches and the medium 13.5 inches by 14.5 inches. The large fits nine Buttons diapers covers and inserts while the medium holds six. The wet bags are currently available in three prints: Afternoon Tea (floral), Charming (stripes), and Meadow (leaves). Large features two zippered pockets and two sturdy handles. Medium features one zippered pocket and a sturdy hanging strap. Both wet bags are anti-microbial, lead-free, and machine washable and dryable.

The large new design wet bag currently retails for $13 and the medium for $10 on the Buttons Diapers website. I am incredibly impressed with the reasonable prices. Another wet bag with almost the same size and design as the medium in my stash cost $16 two years ago. I also own another wet bag similar to the large that cost almost $18 a year ago. Both Buttons Diapers wet bags are priced less, and I therefore rate the current prices extremely highly. I would definitely pay $13 for the large and $10 for the medium!

I received the large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers in the Afternoon Tea print. I chose the more feminine print, which features pink and green flowers on a light blue background, because I planned to use the wet bags mainly for the cloth wipes that my daughter and I use in my bathroom. I also really like the more girly flowers against the more masculine background. If you are looking for a more gender neutral design, Charming features blue and yellow chevron stripes while Meadow features gray and yellow leaves. Although the print selection for the new wet bags is a bit limited at the moment, I absolutely love Afternoon Tea and am quite pleased with the print selection.

Washing my large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers is incredibly easy. I start by unzipping the pockets and removing any contents into my washing machine. I then toss the entire wet bag into the washer with the rest of my laundry. I currently wash my cloth diaper laundry on hot (water heat set to non-scald temperatures) with powdered detergent followed by a cold rinse. I sometimes do a pre-wash with cold first in the load contains a lot of poopy diapers, and I usually add a second cold rinse after the initial wash and rinse cycle. I then put the clean load in my dryer on delicate (low heat) for 90 minutes. Once the clean wet bags come out of my dryer, I fold the insides back in and zip up the open pockets. My new Buttons Diapers wet bags fit perfectly into my current wash routine.

In terms of quality, I am extremely pleased with both my Buttons Diapers wet bags. The stitching is consistent, and I cannot find any loose threads. All the zippers are holding up despite repeated use and washing. The PUL is the same high-quality fabric as used in the all-in-two covers. The handles are stitched on securely. I cannot find any flaws in the design or construction. I have always been impressed with the quality of all my Buttons Diapers products, and the new design wet bags are no different. If you are shopping for a new high quality wet bag at a reasonable price, look no further than the large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers.

As for sizing, both wet bags truly do hold as many diapers as promised. The measure fits six all-in-two covers and inserts while the large holds nine. In addition to dirty diapers, you can use either wet bag for clean diapers, swimwear, and more. I primarily use my large hanging wet bag to hold dirty family cloth wipes in my bathroom. The sturdy handles fit over the hook on the wall by the toilet and can hold a week's worth of wipes from my daughter and me. The medium is perfect for going out and about with my son. I like to stash a clean diaper and clothing in the bag when my kids and I go to the pool. After swimming, I can put our wet swimsuits in the wet bag and not have to worry about my van getting damp. The waterproof PUL contains moisture perfectly. I received a large and medium wet bag in exchange for my honest opinion.