Medium Wet Bag (New Design)

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-Made of Stain and Water resistant PUL
-Anti-microbial and Lead Free
-Interior rolled seams to prevent leaks
-Sturdy straps for hanging on strollers, doorknobs or hooks
-Machine washable, Line dry or Machine dry low

- Medium wet bags fit 6 Buttons diapers (cover + daytime insert)


Our wet bags are made from our signature soft silky PUL. The interior of the bag is sewn with rolled seams to prevent leaks and keep odors in. Our wetbags work well for clean or dirty cloth diapers in addition to kids swimsuits or general diaper bag organization. Each bag has a handy sturdy strap for hanging from your stroller, door knob or hook. Available in three sizes: Small-10"x 10", Medium-13.5"x 14.5" and Large-13.5" x 24"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Erin Lowmaster, 07/19/2016

The Buttons Diapers Wet Bag is for more than just diapers! You can use this bag for wet clothes like swimsuits, dirty clothes because babies can be messy, and organization because things can tend to get all over in a diaper bag or suitcase! These bags come in a variety of pretty and fashionable patterns.
I'm currently using a bag in the Afternoon Tea pattern and I really adore it. The sizes of these bags run in small, medium, and large. I'm using a medium but am eager to get a hold of the other sizes soon! The pricing is also a real bargain compared to most wet bags on the market with the medium size being just $10.00!

This bag contains wetness and odors amazingly well. The design is brilliant. It features stain and water resistant material that is silky smooth to the touch. It features a strong zipper and a handy strap that can be hung from really whatever surface I want. The medium sizing is pretty generous! This bag can be washed with regular clothes or diapers and will keep its looks and durability as long as you machine dry low or hang to dry.

I was able to put two kids swimwear inside this bag with room to spare. I can fit about 8-10 pre-fold diapers inside with covers included till wash day. I've used this bag around the house but always make sure it comes along if I am going out. I've had to use it on more than one occasion for clothes my baby girl dirtied while out at appointments or on the go. I am so glad I had this instead of placing a leaky plastic grocery bag with dirty and smelly wet laundry into my clean diaper bag! Also it comes in handy when one of your kids has really bad carsickness!

I haven't run into any negative things about this bag! It's built to last! The husband and wife team behind this product and the diaper company have done an excellent job in offering and affordable and well designed wet bag! Highest of recommendations from this mom of three!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*

Reviewed by Hetal, 07/08/2016

LOVE this bag, It's great for dirty cloth diapers when you're on the go, they don't leak or smell! I also used it to store wet clothes from swimming and again it worked great!

Reviewed by Kaitlyn, 07/08/2016

This wet bag is awesome! I really didn't think it was going to work when I first took it out of the package because it was not double lined like other wet bags that I have used. But I was wrong! This wet bag definitely works it kept all the wetness from swimsuits in the bag I tested it over night and it passed! Also no smell came from the bag. I love that the strap has a snap so that it can be attached to my stroller or even the handle of another bag. Really happy with the print and size of the medium bag that i Got. I am actually thinking of ordering the other sizes too! *I recieved this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Reviewed by It's A Mom Life, 07/07/2016

This wetbag has been a perfect addition to my cloth diapering routine. I have the large size bag and it can easily fit 12+ one-size cloth diapers and inserts, or my spray pal fits with room to spare! I haven't had any leaks with this bag, but I spray all my diapers off and then squeeze the excess water off. I have it currently hanging in my bathroom from a baby hanger on my towel rack. It's the perfect all around solution for over night stays or just storage at home. I received this free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, all thoughts are my own and were not compensated in any way.

Reviewed by Heather Johnson, 07/05/2016

The new wet bag designs from Buttons Diapers consist of a signature soft silky PUL. The interior of both the large and the medium bags are sewn with rolled seams to prevent leaks and keep odors in. The large measures 13.5 inches by 24 inches and the medium 13.5 inches by 14.5 inches. The large fits nine Buttons diapers covers and inserts while the medium holds six. The wet bags are currently available in three prints: Afternoon Tea (floral), Charming (stripes), and Meadow (leaves). Large features two zippered pockets and two sturdy handles. Medium features one zippered pocket and a sturdy hanging strap. Both wet bags are anti-microbial, lead-free, and machine washable and dryable.

The large new design wet bag currently retails for $13 and the medium for $10 on the Buttons Diapers website. I am incredibly impressed with the reasonable prices. Another wet bag with almost the same size and design as the medium in my stash cost $16 two years ago. I also own another wet bag similar to the large that cost almost $18 a year ago. Both Buttons Diapers wet bags are priced less, and I therefore rate the current prices extremely highly. I would definitely pay $13 for the large and $10 for the medium!

I received the large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers in the Afternoon Tea print. I chose the more feminine print, which features pink and green flowers on a light blue background, because I planned to use the wet bags mainly for the cloth wipes that my daughter and I use in my bathroom. I also really like the more girly flowers against the more masculine background. If you are looking for a more gender neutral design, Charming features blue and yellow chevron stripes while Meadow features gray and yellow leaves. Although the print selection for the new wet bags is a bit limited at the moment, I absolutely love Afternoon Tea and am quite pleased with the print selection.

Washing my large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers is incredibly easy. I start by unzipping the pockets and removing any contents into my washing machine. I then toss the entire wet bag into the washer with the rest of my laundry. I currently wash my cloth diaper laundry on hot (water heat set to non-scald temperatures) with powdered detergent followed by a cold rinse. I sometimes do a pre-wash with cold first in the load contains a lot of poopy diapers, and I usually add a second cold rinse after the initial wash and rinse cycle. I then put the clean load in my dryer on delicate (low heat) for 90 minutes. Once the clean wet bags come out of my dryer, I fold the insides back in and zip up the open pockets. My new Buttons Diapers wet bags fit perfectly into my current wash routine.

In terms of quality, I am extremely pleased with both my Buttons Diapers wet bags. The stitching is consistent, and I cannot find any loose threads. All the zippers are holding up despite repeated use and washing. The PUL is the same high-quality fabric as used in the all-in-two covers. The handles are stitched on securely. I cannot find any flaws in the design or construction. I have always been impressed with the quality of all my Buttons Diapers products, and the new design wet bags are no different. If you are shopping for a new high quality wet bag at a reasonable price, look no further than the large and medium new design wet bags from Buttons Diapers.

As for sizing, both wet bags truly do hold as many diapers as promised. The measure fits six all-in-two covers and inserts while the large holds nine. In addition to dirty diapers, you can use either wet bag for clean diapers, swimwear, and more. I primarily use my large hanging wet bag to hold dirty family cloth wipes in my bathroom. The sturdy handles fit over the hook on the wall by the toilet and can hold a week's worth of wipes from my daughter and me. The medium is perfect for going out and about with my son. I like to stash a clean diaper and clothing in the bag when my kids and I go to the pool. After swimming, I can put our wet swimsuits in the wet bag and not have to worry about my van getting damp. The waterproof PUL contains moisture perfectly. I received a large and medium wet bag in exchange for my honest opinion.

Reviewed by Britney, 07/05/2016

I love this wet bag! I do not have any babies in cloth diapers any more but I still use these for swim suits, dirty kitchen clothes and a ton of other things! Quality is great!

Reviewed by allnaturalandgood, 06/29/2016

I love this wet bag! I got it in the afternoon tea pattern since I have the matching diaper already. I absolutely love the pattern, it is super cute and girly. This bag is of amazing quality and I truly believe it is a steal for only $10! It isn't too big or bulky when empty so it easily fits in my diaper bag, car, or attached to my double stroller. My little girl is almost 4 months old and she is notorious for an occasional blowout that not only soils her clothes, but my own clothes. I am able to put everything in this bag and I don't have to worry if it sits in there for hours before I get home and am able to wash it. I normally use disposable diapers and this bag is just as great great for storing soiled disposable diapers if you are on the go and there isn't an appropriate place to dispose of them. It is also great for wet swimsuits and swim diapers. The strap makes it easy to attach to any stroller. I love the material, it is so buttery soft! I will definitely recommend these bags to my fellow mama friends.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Reviewed by Raina S., 06/28/2016

This summer after swimming this wet bag will come in extra handy in my new car. I won't have to worry about wet swimsuits or board shots getting the back of my SUV soaked. I have used it a few times. I'm totally in love. I just wish it was a bit bigger so I will soon be buying a bigger one. It's super cute though and really stylish. You don't just have to use it for wet swim wear if you have younger kids you can do wet diapers, wet cloth diapers, or wet baby clothes.

I was provided this sample in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

Reviewed by Gentle Thrifty Mama, 06/25/2016

I was looking for a bag that was large enough to house all the wet items I had after a trip to the splash pad with the kids. The Size L wet bag was perfect with room to spare. I accidentally left the items in overnight and the bag still kept the wetness inside and didn't smell when I unzipped the next day :) I am super impressed with this product!
I received this product of no cost to me in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Reviewed by KyBlintz, 06/23/2016

I love this bag. It is a great quality. It is easy to take with you where ever you go. It keeps everything in place until I am ready to deal with it. I love these cute patterns. This is a great quality bag. It is really well made and HANDY! The strap on it is really great and makes bring this with me easier! I am so happy with this cute wet bag. Exactly what I was looking for.

Reviewed by Rebecca Johnon, 06/23/2016

I absolutely LOVE this wet bag. I received the largest size in Afternoon Tea, which is floral. It's lovely and the perfect size for cloth diapers at home. This will hold a ton of diapers, or just nasty wet clothes. It has a well-sewn handle so you can hang it up on the back of a door, etc. It has a zipper so you can close it and there is no smell at all. The fabric is thick and super sturdy. This was a very well-made diaper bag. These are one of my favorite new "inventions" because they are also good to throw in your diaper bag in case of accidents. Just put the disgusting clothes or diaper inside and forget about it until you get home. The smaller sizes had a stroller handle too. They also fold up very small for travel and take up no room in your purse or diaper bag. I could not live without one.

Reviewed by Sherryl Wilson, 06/23/2016

We all know that you pack at least twice if not three items what you think you will need when packing for a baby. Not packing enough is either a rookie mistake that we all only make once! Let's face it, there are just some things that should be included when you bring baby home..and a diaper bag essentials listing should be one of those things!

Oh you will only once forget your wet bag if you are traveling with a little one. Especially a little one in cloth diapers or learning to potty train. Think about it, what will you do with all those rinsed out but still wet and yuck diapers, clothes and probably socks, undershirts, bibs, etc.

The best solution I have found is a wet bag and our favorite right now is the Wet Bag from Buttons Diapers.

Their bags are awesome!

-Made of Stain and Water resistant PUL
-Anti-microbial and Lead Free
-Interior rolled seams to prevent leaks
-Sturdy straps for hanging on strollers, doorknobs or hooks
-Machine washable, Line dry or Machine dry low

The interior of the bag is sewn with rolled seams to prevent leaks and keep odors in. They are not water proof but do hold in moisture from damp items.

They are made to store wet items and are easy to clean. Simply machine wash and hang up to dry to maintain shape. The Wet Bag is available in three different designs and sizes.

We use ours for trips to the pool, lake or beach. Toss in a towel, a bottle of water and some powder when heading to the beach. Rinse off and sprinkle the powder over any sand that is stuck to your little ones (or your feet). The sand will fall right off. Toss the wet swimsuits and towels back in the wet bag and everyone can ride home without having sand all over them and your car.

I received a product sample from the company.

Reviewed by Kateyandfamily, 06/21/2016

I am very impressed with the quality of this wet bag. The fabric is very soft, and the size of it is great! You can fit a lot of items in it, whether its shut wet clothes, of swim suits for a bunch of little ones, its a great thing to carry in your car! The moisture stays on the inside. The zipper part is very well made, and i like that it goes the entire width of the bag, and not just partial! The strap on it is perfect! I can hang it on a handle in my car to keep it off the ground, it can be strapped to a stroller, or even a carseat. it can be attached to my purse so it won't get lost on outings. The design of this item is very well thought out! I received this item in exchange for my honest review, and i cannot wait to keep using it!

Reviewed by Trista W. (Mama's Little Minions), 06/18/2016

This is a wonderful wetbag, it's very large, I can fit between 8-10 cloth diapers in it. The color is very gender neutral as well. This isn't just for cloth diapers though you can use it for almost anything since it's waterproof it works well for wet swim suits, or just recently I had to use mine to hold clothing from when my 2 year old got sick in the vehicle. It held the smell in and was super easy to clean. I was sent this wet bag at no cost to me in exchange for my honest feedback.

Reviewed by Abby Hewes, 06/15/2016

I have been on the hunt for a wet bag that can hold both kids bathing suits that actually keeps wetness in, and I've found a winner.

The strap is perfect: I loop it around the handle of the stroller or our swim "stuff" bag and everything stays neat and wet (or dry- depending).

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Reviewed by justmissash, 06/13/2016

I love this! I've always wanted something like this for diapers or wet swimsuits! I love the silky soft fabric and how it keeps the moisture on the inside and doesn't start smelling, even after a warm sunny day. I have the medium one and it fit my 2 girl's swimsuits and sons swimming shorts and my bikini after a day at the beach! Plus I use it for cloth diapers, wet clothes after accidebts, and more. The design is sleek and simple yet completely useful. They handle loop is great. I attach to diaper bag and stroller easily because of the snap button. I love how well made it is too. No issues with seams or fabric. And it is visibly attractive too. I've got nothing but compliments on it! I did wash on a low setting and air dried in the sun and had no issues with shrinking or it being ruined. I love this. Now I want to get one in all sizes and colors too!
I did get to try this free but these are my own opinions and experiences.