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Newborn diaper covers adjust to fit babies from 7-15 lbs. These are perfect for the newborn stage. The Newborn diaper cover features: 

- Two layers of PUL throughout (wipe-able interior)

- Double leg gussets

- Waist elastic at back and tummy 

- Two rows of waist snaps

- Insert snaps to snap Buttons inserts in place

- Compatible with Buttons size small or large diaper inserts, and Size 1 prefolds.




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ariana , 04/14/2020

I can't say enough good things about these newborn diaper covers. My baby fit them at 5 lbs 9 oz on the smallest setting. They are twice as thick as all other covers I have seen, so they are super durable and waterproof. The snaps fit perfectly from birth to 12-15 lbs. Perfectly. I love these! I just wish the size 2 diapers had the same fit as these. I would buy them all!

Reviewed by Kristen S, 08/29/2019

We've used Buttons Newborn covers on my 16-week old boy since he was 5 days old and we LOVE them! The double gussets, two-layers of PUL, high-quality fabric and versatile inserts are just the best. We've not had a single blowout and the adorable solids and prints actually make me love changing diapers. (Never thought I'd say that!)

In regards to sizing, my boy was 8 lbs and birth and he's still wearing NB at 14 lbs on the second rise setting. We still have room to grow! I'm so impressed with these diapers and plan on using them for years to come.

Reviewed by Danyelle , 06/17/2019

The quality of these diaper covers is great especially compared to some of the other brands out there. They do not feel cheap. However for my 7.8 newborn these were too large during his first few weeks. And the buttons inserts did not work with these covers during cord time. They do work nicely with pre-folds.

My biggest issue with buttons is they they advertise and promote covers that you cannot buy. The limited edition idea is nice but there seems like there should be a few designs there are always available.
As it seems like poor marketing and is very frustrating when trying to build a stash but you can’t actually buy any covers. The designs also seem to cater towards girls. This has me looking at other brands to see if I can find something better.

Reviewed by Tara , 04/18/2018

I LOVE the newborn Buttons covers! I wish I had bought up enough of these NB covers and the Buttons prefolds to do these exclusively at the beginning with baby. The fit has been wonderful from birth and now we've hit the 12lb mark and the fit is still good. Not one leak or blowout with this system! It's worth it to get this size for those beginning weeks.

Reviewed by Cynthia B, 09/05/2017

I wish I had purchased these to begin with. They fit much better than I thought they would right off the bat. My son was 7.5 lbs when he was born and fit on the smallest settings.

I will be using Buttons diapers for all of our diapers with our second child.

Before I purchased them I was most concerned about them being too bulky. In reality, having something that fits and absorbs/contains the mess. They grow so fast too, that even if they are bulky the first few weeks, it will easily be the right size within a week or two.

Reviewed by Melanie L, 06/13/2017

Here's my review on button's newborn cloth diaper covers. I was given these diaper covers from the company for my honest review on them. In my opinion if you have a smaller newborn these newborn cloth diaper covers are something definitely consider using my daughters currently 6 pounds and 5 ounces. My baby is 3 weeks old today and we've had zero leaks with, this diaper cover as well. We love Buttons Newborn Diaper Covers and will be purchasing more of these soon!!'

Reviewed by Jessica C, 05/01/2017

Buttons Cloth Diapers sent me one of these Newborn Covers to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
I use this cover on my very tiny 13lb 6 month old baby girl. It fits her great and she even has room to grow! The newborn cover has 2 rows of hip/waist snaps (whereas the One Size Cover only has one row) which provides a really secure, snug fit. The cover is 2 layers of PUL which is surprisingly soft and pliable! There is a 2x3 rise snap system on the front. The size small Buttons inserts fit in the cover on the small, medium and large rise settings. However, for the tiniest babies on the small setting a newborn or preemie prefold trifolded in the cover may be a less bulky option.
I love the fit of this diaper and will definitely be buying more for our next little one! I definitely recommend this diaper as an affordable, adorable, quality cloth diapering solution!
The full review for this diaper can be found on YouTube under Jess Is Blessed and "Buttons New Newborn Diaper Cover"