Bamboo - Daytime Inserts - 3 Pack

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3-pack of Buttons' daytime inserts. Our natural bamboo/cotton daytime inserts are made of 5 layers of absorbent 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton. Buttons cloth inserts snap right into our diapers covers to keep inserts from shifting around. (Note: Bamboo inserts do not have a fleece layer on top.) Your Bamboo inserts may seem large at first but they will shrink after being washed. Bamboo/cotton inserts come in all 3 sizes for your growing baby:

- Small inserts fit babies from 7-15 lbs (inserts are about 11" in length after washing/drying)

- Large inserts fit babies from 15-25 lbs (inserts are about 13" in length after washing/drying)

- X-Large inserts fit babies from 25-40 lbs (inserts are about 15" in length after washing/drying) 




Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amanda , 09/18/2021

I absolutely love these inserts! I have a 2yr old and 1yr old that use these inserts and they hold up very well. The absorbency of the insert is crazy. I would never have thought cloth insert could hold up. I’m super glad that I found Buttons otherwise I think I would have just went back to disposable diapers!

Reviewed by Heather T, 02/08/2019

I've been using these for 7-9 months and they've lost some of their absorbency. Maybe I over-dried them but they went from staying wet after 3 cycles in the dryer to dry after 2. I've switched to drying them on low heat to preserve their longevity. I live in a small apartment that doesn't get much light (especially during hurricane season!), otherwise I would love to line dry these in the sun! I'm diapering a toddler. I had him in Bumgenius for the first year and love them. Once he started walking, his legs thinned out while his hips and waist stayed the same; he was getting leaks and could also get him hands in the leg holes. So after research, decided to switch to a double gusset style. A friend recommended Buttons but in hindsight, realize that my friend has a tiny girl who weighs as much as my toddler boy!

Reviewed by Tara , 04/10/2018

These inserts really hold quite a bit of fluid! They're holding up well through washing and drying(I dry them most of the way in the dryer and then let them air dry to finish). I have the small and a newborn cover and wish I'd bought more! The insert started fitting the cover and my baby best around 9lbs-before that I was using little prefolds with the cover. He's 11lbs now and it looks like this size insert and cover will fit quite a bit longer. These are just fabulous quality.

Reviewed by Michaela , 01/07/2018

It doesn't work for us, my daughter is tall but quite thin and inserts are too wide, not adaptable, comfy. Also doesnt like drying, it is difficult to shape them before and also after. First time I received night doublers which are narrower. Today we had leakage - S size is too small for us 6,2kg