Microfiber - Nighttime Doublers - 2 Pack

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2 pack of nighttime doubler inserts. Our microfiber nighttime doublers have 6 absorbent layers of microfiber for extra absorbency. They work as a doubler when snapped underneath Buttons daytime inserts. Buttons diaper inserts snap right into our diapers covers to avoid shifting. Microfiber doublers are available in all 3 sizes for your growing baby:

- Small fits babies from 7-15 lbs (inserts are 12" in length)

- Large fits babies from 15-25 lbs (inserts are 14" in length)

- X-Large fits babies from 25-40 lbs (inserts are 15" in length)

Note: the nighttime doubler is made to be used with our daytime insert snapped on top. Only the daytime insert has a top layer of soft moisture-wicking fleece to keep baby's skin dry.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Amber C, 08/20/2014

I just received my started package and added the large doublers for bedtime and I couldn't be more happier that I did. My LO was in her bedtime diaper for a good 12hrs and no leaks for my heavy wetter! Can't wait to purchase more!