Fall in Love with Newborn Cloth Diapering!

Written by Sabrina Butler 

Yes, the rumors are true! They send you home with a newborn baby without an instruction manual. I know what you are thinking: “I don’t have time for more work, I have a newborn!” Don’t fret! Cloth diapering a newborn is fun and easy! And with 8 to 12 changes a day, you will become a newborn-cloth-diaper-expert in zero time flat.

First thing is first, do you have a changing station? Whether you have a changing table or a designated basket of supplies, it important to create a space for fast and easy changes. Having all your supplies at an arm reach makes diaper changes fast and easy. The Buttons Diapers system is perfect for any changing station. All you need is a few newborn diaper covers and some soaker pads and you are good to go!

Hint: Baby’s tend to be squirmy during changes so make sure you have some toys specifically for the changing station. It will feel like a new toy each time and help keep them occupied while they get changed.

The next thing all parent should know is keeping baby dry. Whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers, it is important to keep baby’s bum clean and dry. This helps prevent irritation and diaper rash. One thing you can do to help keep baby dry is keeping some of our flannel cloth wipes by your changing station handy. They work great for patting baby’s bottom dry, so it ready for a new diaper.

Hint: Boy moms beware! Use those cloth wipes to also protect you from that occasional stream.

Now that you have your supplies, let’s change a diaper! Starting cloth diapering from the newborn stage is great because you begin to have a rhythm early on. Grab your Buttons Diapers cover and set to the appropriate size. One amazing feature for our cloth diapers is that they fasten under the belly button. This is ideal for those babies who still have an umbilical stump and cannot wear a diaper over it. Diapers should fit snug, but not tight.

Hint: Diaper should fit against baby’s natural underwear line. If you can fit a finger between baby and diaper at the hip, it’s a good fit.

And lastly, toss for the wash. Once the diaper is soiled, toss them into your favorite Buttons Diapers large wet bag til laundry day. Did you know you can use the same diaper cover and just change the soaker pad inside? You will be able to get multiple uses with your newborn diaper covers. Don’t have a big budget, no problem. Our covers and soaker pads are great for all budgets and the all in two system allows you to customize what absorbent materials work best for baby.

Hint: Did you know breastfeed baby poop is does not need to be rinsed out? You can toss directly in the washer machine.

You are now ready to cloth diaper a newborn! Still have questions? Make sure you join our Facebook group Buttons Diapers Official. There you can meet other Buttons Babies, ask questions, be the first to know what coming up and have a direct line to all of us here at Buttons. 

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