Cotton Flannel Wipes - 15 count

15 unbleached 100% cotton flannel wipes
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Package of 15 100% unbleached cotton flannel wipes. 7.5"x7.5" square. Machine wash and dry warm.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kristen S, 01/08/2020

I love how these wipes are on the thinner side so they're flexible and make wiping easy. They're also soft and work well as a replacement for tissues! Great price for the value!

Reviewed by Emily G, 10/16/2019

I like these wipes for the price. My only complaint (and reasin for not giving 5 stars)is the red thread on the edges unravels a bit and I have had to trim those off from time to time.

Reviewed by Jessica , 11/27/2017

I received these wipes to review for my YouTube channel (Jess Is Blessed) in exchange for my honest review. The review is available to watch on my YouTube channel.
These wipes are an excellent budget friendly option. They are soft, easy to use and feel comparable to a disposable wipe (thickness wise) so they'd be great for someone just making the switch to cloth wipes.
They fit nicely in a wipe container and pop up easily. You can use moisten them and keep them in a wipe container or spray wipe solution or water on babies bottom and wipe baby with a dry wipe. Either way they work great.
According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) up to 95% off disposable baby wipes may be contaminated with dangerous chemicals!! Once I started really looking into what goes into disposable baby wipes making the switch to cloth wipes wasn't even a question. I refuse to put all those chemicals in my babies bottom.
The average family spends approximately $500 on disposable wipes over the course of their babies diapering years. These are the most budget friendly wipes on the market. 15 wipes for $7!! If you buy 3 packages you should be set for cloth wipes and they'll pay for themselves after just a month or two. Great product, great price, best for your baby and the environment! I definitely recommend!!

Reviewed by Karissa , 01/02/2015

These are great! They are soft and do the job, i recently purchased another brand of cloth wipes and the softness doesnt compare to these. Those will need to be prepped which is a hassle, but these are ready to go right after the
First wash in my opinion.

Reviewed by NewBuyer13 , 12/29/2014

Great Product!!!
The edges of the wipes are not quite as well made as the pic; however, they are very soft and cute. I use mine in a pop-up wipes warmer (Prince Lionheart), and they fit perfectly!!! I ordered 3 packs (45 total wipes), and it appears to be the perfect amount to use 15 in a 1-3 day period then have two stacks of prefolded (you have to fold a certain way to allow them to pop-up) so that I can just slip them in there. I like the ones with colors and patterns but I love that you can be 100% sure these are clean and hygienic. As with cloth diapers, I do not like too much color / pattern, for cleanliness purposes. Great buy!!!

Reviewed by Panagiota , 12/29/2014

Love them!
Love love these wipes!! Super soft for babys butt. Very pleased with the price!! Ordered 2 packs and i will order some more

Reviewed by Avid , 12/29/2014

Love these wipes! They're soft and make a great partner to our reusable diapers. We keep a spray bottle with a little Earth Mama Angel Baby soap and water in it.

Reviewed by Laura , 12/08/2014

These fit perfect in a wipe warmer. Great wipes for the price