Cotton Flannel Wipes - 15 count

15 unbleached 100% cotton flannel wipes
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Package of 15 100% unbleached cotton flannel wipes. 7.5"x7.5" square. Machine wash and dry warm.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Karissa, 01/02/2015

These are great! They are soft and do the job, i recently purchased another brand of cloth wipes and the softness doesnt compare to these. Those will need to be prepped which is a hassle, but these are ready to go right after the
First wash in my opinion.

Reviewed by NewBuyer13, 12/29/2014

Great Product!!!
The edges of the wipes are not quite as well made as the pic; however, they are very soft and cute. I use mine in a pop-up wipes warmer (Prince Lionheart), and they fit perfectly!!! I ordered 3 packs (45 total wipes), and it appears to be the perfect amount to use 15 in a 1-3 day period then have two stacks of prefolded (you have to fold a certain way to allow them to pop-up) so that I can just slip them in there. I like the ones with colors and patterns but I love that you can be 100% sure these are clean and hygienic. As with cloth diapers, I do not like too much color / pattern, for cleanliness purposes. Great buy!!!

Reviewed by Panagiota, 12/29/2014

Love them!
Love love these wipes!! Super soft for babys butt. Very pleased with the price!! Ordered 2 packs and i will order some more

Reviewed by Avid, 12/29/2014

Love these wipes! They're soft and make a great partner to our reusable diapers. We keep a spray bottle with a little Earth Mama Angel Baby soap and water in it.

Reviewed by Laura, 12/08/2014

These fit perfect in a wipe warmer. Great wipes for the price