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• How do Buttons cloth diapers work?
• How many covers and inserts do I need?
• Which size cover should I get for my baby?
• Do you have any diapers for potty training or swim?
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How do Buttons cloth diapers work?

With the Buttons all-in-two system, the wipeable cover can be used multiple times before washing- saving you a lot of money. You can diaper your baby from birth until he/she is potty-trained for as little as $240!

Just add your insert & GO!

1. Adjust the snaps on the front of your diaper cover to get the right height for your baby or child. The diaper should fit in the bikini area like underwear & the front of the diaper is designed to fit low, beneath the belly button.

2. Add your insert of choice. We offer three types of inserts:


For the fastest changes, choose one of our Snap-In inserts to SNAP & GO! Use a daytime insert for during the day or add the nighttime doubler underneath the daytime insert for extra absorbency at night. Choose from 3 sizes in Microfiber, Bamboo or Hemp.

Prefolds are tried & true. If your baby is a heavy wetter, these are a great option! One prefold is all you need during the day & simply add a nighttime doubler for overnight. Choose from 3 sizes in either 100% Cotton or a Bamboo Cotton blend.

Our 100% organic cotton one-size flats offer great absorbency & the quickest drying time of all of our insert options, though they take the longest for diaper changes. Fold to your liking & use the same insert from birth to potty training.



3. Put the diaper on your little darling, and off you GO!
Fit checks: Leg gussets in bikini area, all inserts tucked inside the cover & 2 finger width between front of cover & baby's tummy.

4. When it’s time for a diaper change, remove your insert, place it in a diaper pail or wet bag, add a clean insert & you're ready to go!
Tip: Air dry covers between diaper changes when needed. It works really well to alternate between two covers during the day. Use a new cover when it has been soiled.


How many covers and inserts do I need?

We recommend buying enough diapers to get through 2-3 days of diapering.

It’s best to have 1 diaper cover for every 3 daytime inserts. Typically, this is:

  • 8-10 covers
  • 18-24 daytime inserts (per size)
  • 2-3 nighttime inserts (per size)


We have 3 different types of inserts in a variety of materials & sizes:


Snap-In Inserts
Materials: Microfiber, Bamboo, Hemp
Sizes: Small (7-15 lbs), Large (15-25 lbs), XLarge (25-40 lbs)


Materials: 100% Cotton, Bamboo/Cotton
Sizes: Size 1 (7-12 lbs), Size 2 (12-25 lbs), Size 3 (25-40 lbs


Material: 100% Unbleached Organic Cotton
Size: One size, 27” x 27” square. Fits from birth to potty training.


We have 3 different sizes of covers:

  • Newborn Covers (fit babies from 7-12 lbs)
  • One-Size Covers (fit babies from 9-35 lbs)
  • Super Covers (fit babies from 12-40 lbs)


Which size should I get for my baby?

Cover & Insert sizing is mostly determined by weight & build.

Generally, one-size can fit babies from 9-35 lbs and could fit from birth to potty training. Newborn covers provide a much more trim fit while babies are small and typically fit a little beyond 12 lbs for many babies. Super covers come to the rescue for nighttime cloth (when more fluff is added) or for chunkier or older babies that need a bit more room.

The best way to choose the size for inserts is based on your baby's weight (listed above). If you find that the insert recommended for your baby's weight is causing leaks or other absorbency issues, feel free to contact us via email or Direct Message on Instagram or Facebook for more specific advice for your baby.



Do you have any diapers for potty training or swim?

Yes, we also offer trainers designed specifically for potty training. They also make wonderful swim diapers.

Our trainers are made with the same PUL as our covers but they also have 3 layers of 100% cotton for built-in absorbency, as well as 1 layer of mesh lining covering the interior. There is a pocket to add extra absorbency (we recommend our Cotton Boosters).

Trainers fit from 15-35+ lbs. They also have snaps on the sides and an elastic waistband to allow for easy removal by your toddler while potty learning.



Have a question that isn't listed here?

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