Velour Wipes - 6 Count

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Package of 6 Velour wipes. Our ultrasoft velour wipes have a layer of velour on top and microfleece on back. Great for diapering and washing tiny faces and hands. Color: Apple green.

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Wow! Nice!

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Reviewed by Barry T, 08/24/2019

These wipes are my favorite! I have tried at least four types of cloth wipes over two and a half years of using cloth. I like these the best. The two sides are a great design. The velour is great for wiping poop, it really grabs it so you're not smearing it around. The smooth side of the wipe is great for cleaning up the last bit of poop or wiping after a pee. Great quality!

Reviewed by Michelle , 07/04/2019

That's it, I'm never buying wipes anywhere else again! These are the absolute best I've tried. They're thick, super soft, and the perfect size for baby bums and family cloth once they're potty trained. My only complaint is that they don't have the buttons embroidery like on the covers, but I understand how time consuming that would be for each wipe. I will be replacing my whole wipe stash with these exclusively.

Reviewed by Laura K, 01/02/2015

So soft
Love these new wipes, they are so soft and easy to clean with. I wet mine down and then use them on my baby, they are much nicer then my flannel wipes I have (not buttons). My baby has sensitive skin, and these were perfect for him.

Reviewed by Lisa L, 01/02/2015

Great wipes!
Much different than Buttons original flannel wipes. These two layer wipes are soft on both sides, but the velour side acts as a "scrubby" side, perfect for cleaning stuck on poo, or just sticky messes off hands.

Reviewed by Ryan G, 01/02/2015

Great buy!
I am new to trying out cloth wipes, so this is one of my first purchases. I like the feel of them, one side has more texture for tougher jobs. They are a good size and wash nicely. Will definitely recommend!

Reviewed by Jennifer S, 12/29/2014

Very soft and gentle!
These wipes are great! They're super soft, even after washing and drying them. The only weird thing is that using them during a messy diaper change was a little different than I'm used to, as these wipes have two layers that are only connected on the outside seams. This made for some slipping/separation of the two layers during the diaper change, while single layer wipes don't have that problem. I still use these for diaper changes sometimes, but I really love them for cleaning my baby's messy face after eating! Much gentler than other baby washcloths, and a really great price!

Reviewed by MO , 12/29/2014

I purchased these wipes because the flannel wipes I made about 6 months ago were getting a little rough for my daughter's messy diapers. These fit the bill! They are so soft and the velour does a great job at cleaning the mess with just 1 wipe per diaper rather than the 2-3 with other wipes. My only complaint is that they seem to stain more than the flannel wipes I have, but since they are wipes, it doesn't really matter much to me.

Reviewed by james j, 12/29/2014

Toddler Approved
As a fan of Buttons Diapers, I recently purchased the new velour baby wipes to try. My toddler daughter loves the softness of the velour! The wipes are extremely easy to use and extremely easy to launder. With my second baby due any day now, I will be buying a second pack so that I have enough for two kiddos in cloth diapers.

Additionally, compared to other brands of velour baby wipes, the Buttons Diapers brand are extremely affordable. Most other packs of velour wipes cost at least $2 or more each per wipe.

If you are in the market for some new velour baby wipes, I cannot recommend the Buttons Diapers brand more highly!

Reviewed by Alice B, 12/29/2014

Soft, Affordable and Effective
Each wipe has a smooth side and a scrubby side, so it's perfect for both cleaning up stuck-on messes and then finishing the job. The 8x8 size means you can fold to fit in any wipes case or wipes warmer. The velour fabric stains easily but because they are apple green, the stains don't show too much. These wipes are great for diaper changes, wash cloths and face/hand wipes. Very versatile and super soft. The prize ($1.16 each) is fantastic. The only improvement I would suggest is to stitch the two layers of fabric together in the middle somehow so they don't shift.