3 pack Diaper Absorption - Medium

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- SMALL 8.5" 

- MEDIUM 11" 

- LARGE 13.5"

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Erica k, 11/02/2018

I absolutely love these! Ordinary pads were causing irritation to my skin! I ordered these and bam irritation gone! Easy to clean and definitely better for the environment! Once my daughter starts her period we will be using these for her also! You will not be dissatisfied with these! They are life changing

Reviewed by April , 12/09/2017

I won a set of these several months ago. However had to wait to try them because my period hadn't come back yet. Getting to try these for the first time was like handing my lower body a pillow. To translate myself: these are so comfortable to wear, where have these pads been my whole life?? It's love at first wear. They hold alot, I didn't have leakage, they are cute. I got to match diapers with my daughter, it made her laugh. They since easily too. I'm coming back for more. Question though: I ow many do I need?

Reviewed by Jen R, 11/01/2016

I am new to cloth pads and I decided to try these in a size large along with another brand. I am very impressed with these Dahlia cloth pads! They are very absorbent and I have not had them leak through (like I did with the other brand and disposables). They are also a very good price for three of them. I have cloth diapered both my kids and I am honestly wondering why I did not try cloth pads sooner!! I will be buying more.

Reviewed by Nikki G, 10/13/2016

I absolutely love these! They fold up neatly before and after use and they surprisingly hold a lot! I am very impressed at how well they rinse out too! A very good investment and I will definitely be ordering more!

Reviewed by Jennifer M, 08/12/2016

I love these pads so much better then the real thing and so much safer and holds more.

Reviewed by Kathleen H, 08/12/2016

This was my first time using cloth feminine pads and at first was a little hesitant. I use Button Diapers cloth diapers for my little ones and know how well they work so I was willing to try the cloth feminine pads. You get three of the same size pads with the set.They are available in three different sizes. I really like that these are reusable. Yes that might not seem really exciting but they are really easy to clean. I rinse and let them soak over night and throw them in the wash. The pads are extremely comfortable to wear. I received the the three set of Dahlia cloth feminine pads free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion and review. My opinions were not influenced by getting the item at a discounted price. All statements and opinions are my own.