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• Do I need to pre-wash by Buttons cloth diapers?
• How should I wash my Buttons cloth diapers?
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Do I need to pre-wash my Buttons cloth diapers?

We recommend that you wash and dry your diaper inserts (not covers) a few times before use.

Washing & Drying your diapers before use is commonly called “prepping” your diapers, and will make the material more absorbent.

Prepping varies depending upon the material of your diapers.


For Stay-Dry Microfiber inserts & Cotton prefolds or flats:
3 or 4 wash and dry cycles

For inserts & prefolds containing hemp & bamboo:
7 or 8 wash and dry cycles



How should I wash my Buttons cloth diapers?

This is our recommended wash routine:

  1. Remove solids into toilet. (We highly recommend purchasing a diaper sprayer.)
  2. Separate cover from insert before washing.
  3. Put covers, inserts, wet bags and/or pail liners in washing machine together.
  4. Run a cold rise cycle to rinse away the yuckies.
  5. Wash warm with detergent. (120°F or 49°C is best) Original Tide Powder or additive-free detergent is recommended.
  6. Tumble dry on medium. If you dry covers in the dryer, be sure to allow them to cool before handling or it could stretch the elastics. We highly recommend air-drying your diaper covers to prolong their life. It is best to fold covers over the drying line or rack to release tension from the elastics.



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