Hemp/Cotton Daytime Inserts - 3 Pack

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3-pack of Buttons' daytime inserts. Our hemp/cotton daytime inserts are made of 4 layers of absorbent 55% hemp & 45% organic cotton, with a layer of moisture-wicking fleece on top. Buttons cloth inserts snap right into our diapers covers to keep inserts from shifting around. Your Hemp inserts may seem large at first but they will shrink after being washed. Hemp/cotton inserts come in all 3 sizes for your growing baby:

- Small inserts fit babies from 7-15 lbs (inserts are about 11" in length after washing/drying)

- Large inserts fit babies from 15-25 lbs (inserts are about 13" in length after washing/drying)

- X-Large inserts fit babies from 25-40 lbs (inserts are about 15" in length after washing/drying ) 



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lisa , 04/16/2020

Absolutely love these! They’re totally worth the price

Reviewed by Britney , 06/23/2018

The best inserts you can get! They are buttery soft and very slim. after fully prepping them, they soak up a lot! Great buy!

Reviewed by Laura , 02/22/2018

Amazing inserts! Super soft next to baby's bum and very absorbent. Love them!

Reviewed by Jordyn , 04/06/2016

Love these inserts! My daughter doesn't like to be wet and these wick away the moisture almost immediately! I will definitely buy more!!