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We are very excited to bring you Buttons' trainers! As we have done with our diapers, we are striving to keep these trainers "Simple, Affordable, and Adorable"! We believe they are the perfect solution for potty training. They have a waterproof PUL outer layer and a soft mesh lining inner. The lining has a sewn-in absorbent pad (made of 3 layers of bamboo/cotton) and a pocket opening at the back for adding a cotton booster for more absorbency. They are easy for toddlers to pull on and off on their own, making potty training easier and more successful. With 3 waist settings and 3 rise settings, they are a one-size training pant fitting babies from 15-35+ lbs. They work perfectly as swim diapers! Our NEW cotton boosters work great with these for more absorbency (and a little more peace of mind)! 

And for those of you who like the simplicity of reading bullet points here are the amazing features of these trainers: 

 - OS, fits from15-35+ lbs

 - 1 layer of waterproof PUL on the outside

 - 1 layer of mesh lining covering the interior (with a pocket opening in back)

 - 3 layers of bamboo/cotton sewn into the lining in the wet zone

 - easy to pull on and off (more like underwear) 

 - great for potty training or as a swim diaper

 - and of course, it has the embroidered Button logo on back! 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ke'sha , 12/08/2018

I was so excited to see that buttonsdiapers had created trainers I ordered two for my little chunky toddler and they are so tight on his waist I am hoping that you all will offer extenders or make the waist just a bit more expandable. other than the sizing of the waist great quality as always from buttonsdiapers and excited to see the future of these trainers because I will be sure to try them out for our youngest when she is ready for potty!